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Sometimes big breasts are not a blessing. Overly large breasts can be a hindrance for women that leads to pain, nerve damage, chaffing, poor posture, and even breathing problems. Not to mention, the attention big-busted women receive can be one of the root causes of issues with self-esteem and self-consciousness. In Paramus, NJ and White Plains, NY our double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Bill Aydin, consults with women on a regular basis for breast reduction surgery to remove fat, glandular tissue, and excess skin from the breasts making them more proportional to the rest of the body. A breast reduction can help you regain your confidence, be more comfortable in physical movements, give you a contour to be proud of instead of constantly trying to conceal your assets.


Large breasts can cause a number of physical and psychological problems for a woman. Here are some specific symptoms that could point toward the need for breast reduction:

  • Backaches
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Spinal problems
  • Tingling in the hands
Having overly large breasts can also keep a woman from participating in sports and certain types of exercise. Plus, self-consciousness can impact many aspects of her professional and social life. If these issues sound like what you are experiencing, a breast reduction with Dr. Aydin could be the answer.

Surgical Technique

It is important to find a highly-skilled surgeon who has experience with this procedure. Breast reduction surgery is performed with the patient under general anesthesia and takes from 2 –4 hours. There are 2 typical incision types:

  • Traditional incision breast reduction — In this method, Dr. Aydin creates an anchor-shaped incision that circles the areola, runs down to the breast crease, and follows the breast crease a few inches in each direction. This incision is normally used for women with extremely large breasts.
  • Vertical incision breast reduction — This incision is more like a lollipop, circling the areola and running straight down to the breast crease. This is used for women with moderately large breasts and creates a smaller scar than the traditional method.

In both cases, fat, excess glandular tissue, and skin are removed. The nipples and areola are often relocated to a higher position, as well. It is important to maintain a good blood supply to the nipple areola complex as there is risk of discoloration and loss of sensation when blood flow is restricted. Liposuction is also implemented to remove the excess fat while the loose skin will be excised and tightened to form the newly shaped breasts. This procedure is also implemented as a way to correct an issue of breast asymmetry.

During/After Surgery

Breast reduction is always performed in an accredited surgical center or hospital under general anesthesia as an out-patient procedure.  For the first several weeks, we recommend the use of a compression bra to protect the breasts. Patients may go back to work within 7 – 10 days and may resume physical activities (such as exercise) between 6 – 8 weeks post-operative. Results following a breast reduction are usually visible immediately after the surgery. Nipple sensitivity will gradually return within the first year. 

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Breast Reduction FAQs

Will Results Last?

Breast reduction is a long-term solution for patients who are affected with excessively large breasts. In cases where there is significant weight gain, the results may be compromised just like any cosmetic procedure that modifies body shape. Natural aging and gravity will take their toll over time and will still affect the breasts with or without the reduction. It is important to maintain a good health routine so that the enhancement lasts for a long time.

Smaller Areola?

For women with larger breasts, the areola is also excessively large. In a breast reduction surgery, an areola reduction is also considered. As an incision is made surrounding the areola, the excess skin will also be trimmed so that it is proportional to the breasts’ new shape.

How Much Reduction?

This varies depending on the doctor’s initial evaluation and the patient’s preference. Often, the reduction results in a cup or 2 smaller from the original breast size.

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