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Stop concealing what is wrong with your skin! Get the glowing results you want with DermaSweep® at Aydin Plastic Surgery. Skin revitalization with dermabrasion is a nonsurgical treatment that will improve your skin’s appearance quickly and easily. Our double board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon and his aesthetics team in Paramus, NJ or White Plains, NY can help you resolve skin irregularities for healthier skin. Using a surgical tool to scrape the top layers of skin, your dermabrasion treatment will initiate new skin growth. The tip of the dermabrasion tool will basically shave the skin to a new layer (sometimes reaching the dermis). Using new DermaSweep technology, Aydin Plastic Surgery's clinical aestheticians can perform dermabrasion and microdermabrasion treatments without the need for local anesthesia Your skin will go through a healing and peeling process to eliminate some of your hyperpigmentation issues, fine wrinkles, acne scars, and more.

About DermaSweep Technology

DermaSweep involves the use of a bristle tip system that effectively micro-resurfaces the outer layer of the skin. This technology uses three primary elements to renew skin health including exfoliation, circulation, and infusion. Exfoliation works to eliminate imperfections, even the skin's texture, restore collagen production, and promote radiance. The circulation element provides lymphatic drainage by gently massaging the skin to boost nutrients and increase oxygen levels. Lastly, infusion involves the use of skincare solutions to provide vitamins and moisture back to the skin after the dermabrasion treatment, and each infusion product can be tailored to the specific skincare needs of the patient. 

Treatment Technique

Dermabrasion treatment can go as deep as the dermis depending on the extent of the skin irregularity being treated. During the procedure, the skin is prepared with cryogenic spray, a cooling substance that freezes the skin. This allows the skin to be firm and makes the burring process easier. The skin is then slightly stretched and the rough end of the dermabrasion tool is brushed back and forth until the appropriate amount of scraping has occurred. A healing ointment, such as petroleum jelly, and topical antiseptics may be applied after the procedure followed by bandages for protection. 

During/After the Procedure

While older methods of dermabrasion needed a local anesthesia, DermaSweep technology allows a safe, effective dermabrasion treatment without the need for anesthesia. It can last anywhere from 1 – 2  hours and is generally performed in the office. With deeper dermabrasion treatments, there may be minor bleeding. Patients must expect that the treated area will be red and swollen for about 10 – 14 days. Peeling will take place and could last up to a full week. The new skin will look pink and gradually fade to a more natural skin color after a few weeks. It is critical that the patient strictly adheres to post-treatment care, including an avoidance of sun exposure, to ensure proper skin healing.

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Dermabrasion FAQs

Ideal Candidate?

Any individual, men or women, with skin irregularities may consider the benefits of dermabrasion. It’s an effective treatment for th ose who have fine wrinkles, acne scars, keloid, hyperpigmentation or any abnormal skin growth.

Who Should Avoid It?

There are some precautions for those who have specific skin conditions, including severe acne or those who are on aggressive acne medications. The doctor will evaluate the patient’s condition before any treatment and inquire about any medical case that may be present, or medications that have been taken within the last year.

How About Freckles?

Freckles are an overproduction of melanin in the skin and common to those who have a fair complexion. It becomes visible due to extreme exposure to sun. Although dermabrasion can remove the top layers of skin where freckles are contained, there are other alternatives specifically for freckle removal such as a chemical peel or laser treatment to minimize the freckles from reoccurring.

Is A Chemical Peel Better?

Dermabrasion and chemical peels both refinish the skin to promote new skin growth. Both can be mildly or aggressively invasive depending on how many layers are involved. The only difference between the two treatments is the method used in achieving the intended results. Dermabrasion uses a surgical tool that gently scrapes the skin while a chemical peel uses solutions, usually acid based, to attain a similar result. Dermabrasion does better in removing small acne scars as there is more control on which tiny spots need more scraping.

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