Nova Threads - Aydin Plastic Surgery

Nova Threads are most commonly known as “Non Surgical Face Lift”. This allows the doctor to lift and tighten our patients skin all over the body.Ageing is a natural process that we can not just stop with the flip of a switch. But this procedure can turn back the clocks and create a younger more vibrant look! Most commonly used on the face and neck; the PDO Sutures are eventually absorbed back into the body with in 4 to 6 Months. These “threads” and inserted into the skin, creating a natural reaction that builds collagen in the area. This result gives the skin a younger and smoother look. We have a few different types of Nova Thread treatments, Nova Mesh and Nova Lyft. Nova Mesh allows the doctor to create a mesh under the skin creating new collagen to grow and rejuvenate the skin. Nova Thread is inserted into the skin and Little barbs allow Doctor Aydin to re-position the skin; giving the patient younger appearance.